Urban areas over the years have committed to making their communities more livable, healthy, productive and cleaner. They have taken advantage of the new technologies available to them and use them to improve the quality of life for those who choose to reside in these “smart cities.”

The ABA Smart Cities Conference aims to provide a discussion on the use of the new technology and the laws behind governing these cities. Sponsored by the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University and the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Law, this conference will discuss: 

  • The legal issues arising from the use of AI in urban enviroments
  • How local and regional governments are using smart technologies, like AI, to improve transportation and public services, enhance livability and become more sustainable
  • Legal issues affecting smart buildings and sports venues
  • The importance of cyber security in smart cities
  • Major tech companies and their impact of cities with the deployment of cutting edge technologies
  • CLE credit is offered, as experts are discussing legal issues affecting smart cities
Attend the Conference:


Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
Beus Center for Law and Society
111 E. Taylor Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004